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C.S.I. Services An Authorized Dealer For WetStone Product Line

C.S.I. Services is a distributor for WetStone Technologies and it's line of superior forensic tools and training.  Established in 1997, WetStone is recognized as a world leader in advancement of digital investigation technologies.  As information security and forensics professionals, C.S.I. Services recognizes the WetStone product line as  powerful and effective resources that organizations should consider as part of their risk management and investigative processes. 

WetStone Technologies Investigative Products

Contact us for more information about the WetStone product line and how C.S.I. Services can bring them to you. 

Law Enforcement & Educational discounts available.
Gargoyle Investigator - Enterprise Module
Gargoyle Investigator Enterprise Module (GEM) allows customers to execute malware discovery across their enterprise to root out malicious code infiltration and use. GEM is simple to use, investigators can quickly target systems for investigation, simultaneously launch the discovery agent and perform remote malware discovery. Once GEM identifies the suspect systems, Gargoyle Forensic Pro maps the detected files to the associated cyber weapons, and classifies them into a category of malware. With the ability to identify potentially hostile or suspicious programs based on the loaded datasets, the classification of those hostile programs, and the ability to view the suspect from a new aspect, while ascertaining incriminating behaviors or methods; this becomes a core tool for your investigation.  Price: contact us
Gargoyle Investigator - Forensic Pro Edition
Gargoyle Investigator Forensic Pro Edition includes WetStone's most advanced malware detection software package and malware datasets for rapid, in-depth forensic investigations. It is designed for forensic analysts, forensic laboratories, law enforcement personnel, corporate investigation teams, and advanced private investigators. Price:  $1195 us
LiveDiscover Forensic Edition
LiveDiscover FE is the premier tool for rapid full distributed network assessment and mapping, which is a critical first step in any digital investigation. Designed for forensic investigators, LiveDiscover FE rapidly scans a range of IP addresses and generates comprehensive forensic reports including easy to view graphs on each located device within the specified network. Price: $1995 us
LiveWire Investigator
LiveWire Investigator arms investigators with the most up-to-date arsenal of technologies for collecting evidence from “Live” running computers and networks. WetStone's suite of software tools provides investigators and examiners with the ability to assess vulnerabilities, collect evidence directly from suspect computers and perform enterprise wide malware scans. Price:  contact us
Stego Suite
Stego Suite provides investigators with advanced steganography investigation capabilities. This suite includes four software tools; Stego Hunter, StegoWatch, StegoAnalyst and StegoBreak, allowing investigators to detect, analyze and in certain circumstances recover hidden information. Price: $1495 us

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